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Mar 18, 2019

Hello. I have a couple questions about final test reviews. 

I have a "review" button on the "success" tab of our results page.  I have had a couple users end up in a "review" session, where they cannot change the answers and they cannot tell that they are in a review. I am not sure how they get into this when they did not pass the course and land on the success slide where the review button is. There is no back button. Our player is locked down by they can click back to the test. Would that be the reason? is there a way to stop them from doing this?  Or would there be a way that we can make them realize they are in a review and they need to keep nexting until they get to the results page and they can hit the retake test button?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lora. It sounds like you've identified what's happening – Users are landing on the results slide which determines passing or failing. If they use the menu to navigate back to a question slide, the slide will appear, but an answer has already been submitted.

Does your results slide allow for any on-screen instructions on what to do next to catch those users before they use the Menu? You could also disable the Menu from the Player on just the results slide.

Lora Alston

Hi Crystal. Thank you.

The results slide has options, like restart training, retake test, close training....This only happens once in a while...I didnt know if there was even a way to let them know that they are in a "review' mode and they just need to click next to advance to the results slide. Can you lock one slide? We were letting people go back in case they wanted to review anything in the training after they took it. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lora,

You can lock specific slides if needed with triggers. Check out the documentation here.

I'm curious since you allow folks to go back if you'd be more interested in a Submit All approach to your quiz? This allows a bit more freedom to the learner and allows them to navigate through the content, answer, and even change answers.

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