Review only the questions they students have answered

Feb 26, 2014

Hi. I have created a series of pick one questions - they are unassessed. The user will either be diverted to branch one or branch two subject to their initial response to the first question. At the end of the questions I would like the user to review and print the questions and their results to the questions (which are yes / no). When I choose preview the questions I get all of the questions including those that were not completed. Help.

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Mike Taylor

Welcome to the Elearning Heroes community Belinda! There are several ways you could do this. Maybe one of the easiest would be to put the questions for each branch into separate scenes and then from that  initial question simply direct your learners to the appropriate scene based on their selection.  You could put a different Results Slide at the end of each scene to review only the relevant set of questions. Would that work for you? 

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