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Jan 04, 2014


Ive created a number of different question slides in my project. I have added a results slide at the end of the prject, with a review quiz button. When creating the results slide I selected all the question slides in my project that I wanted included in the overall score and selected the option to alow users to review the quiz.

When the project is published ,the results slide correctly displays the users results and percentage to pass, but when selecting review Quiz, it takes the user to the first question slide, where the Correct/inccorect layer message is still displayed (despite setting the slide to " when reviewing automatically decide" ). When the user click continue it jumps out of the quiz review state and back into the content.

Can you help?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ginny, my understanding is that the review quiz option is supposed to display the correct/incorrect response. The retry option, on the other hand, should clear the results and let the user retake the quiz. 

The other issue you mentioned is that review shows the first quiz question and then jumps into the content on the next slide. Are all you quiz questions together or are they dispersed throughout the course? because this is the way Storyline behaves when the questions are spread through the course.  I'm not sure why Articulate designed it to work this way but It is what it is.

Let  us know if this is your issue because their are some tricks you can do to get around this limitation.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ginny,

Glad Nancy was able to jump in and help you out. She also mentioned working around the default review, which brings you from slide to slide, including content slides, rather than from quiz slide to quiz slide. I've created a tutorial (Screenr) here that describes how to work around that so Learners will go from quiz slide to quiz slide. Thought I'd post the link here, just in case you or others who come across this post are wondering about it.

ginny asher

Hi Becky

So fixed the first problem and now want to apply your great work around- only problemn is when I removed the next button from the question slide, the trigger does not remain as it says it will in your video- it alsop disappears.

I also have the following issue when trying to go through the review quiz-

I have a quiz that appears througout my project (interspersssed with content slides). When I get to the reivew buttoin at the end of the quiz it takes me to the first question but the player intercation 'next' button does not work. THe review slides all work and content is correct but i cannot navigate to these (unless manually clicking the menu) by clicking on the next button ( previous button works fine)

I have copied and pasted all these question slides into another project with no contenet and using the same default storytline player and the navigation buttons work fine.

My course has all slide interaction buttons disabled as I want the users to click my inbuilt continue buttons.( but the new project with just question slides have the slide interaction diabled too, with no issues)

Any ideas what Iove done to stop your work around working and the next button working?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ginny,

In Becky's video you'll see the default next button trigger is removed, but her additional trigger with the conditions still stays. Are your quiz slides interspersed throughout scenes? There is a known issue that has been reported to our QA team where on a quiz review, the next button on the last question/slide in a scene will not jump to the next scene. The workaround for this is to bring the slides into the same scene or include the trigger to jump to the particular slide/scene by enabling it on the "Post Quiz Review" layer that can be generated by adding content here:

 It may help us troubleshoot further if you're able to share the .story file here with us.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashley and Karen,

Ashley, tx for posting that tip about Results Slides and the next button...and Ginny tx for asking the question. I hadn't been aware of that.

Karen, perhaps you can post your .story here so I or someone else can see why the next button doesn't reappear for you. (In the video it's at about 3 minutes in where the Next button is temporarily added back in).

Let us know if we can help out.

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