"Review Quiz" button

I'm interested in showing the user their right and wrong answers but don't care about scoring.  Is it possible to  have the Review Quiz button part of the feedback to the question itself.  E.g. "Incorrrect.  Click to see the correct answer".   Or is there a way to give immediate visual feedback on the user's responses without creating a custom layer within the question?  Thanks, -Ed

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Edward. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Depending on the question type, you may be able to set up feedback by answer. If you do this, you'll be able to provide specific information for that response for the user. Even if you're not able to set this up by question type, you can still create some triggers or layers that can display to show the user some additional information.

What type of question are you working with?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Edward,

For multiple choice, you can certainly do this. Just open up the question and change the option for Feedback: to "By Choice". This will allow you to either enter feedback to the right of each response, or you can click on "More..." and add some formatted text and/or audio.

Once the user hits submit, the user will see customized feedback for the answer they selected. You can tell them to make another choice, or give them some hints that may help them in choosing the correct answer.

With Pick Many, it may be a little more complicated since it's freeform. You could add triggers to show your own feedback in layers, depending on what choice the user made. 

I'm not sure which Drag and Drop you're using, but those may need a little more in-depth modification, as well. 

Hopefully this information will help you get closer to what you're trying to accomplish