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Jun 08, 2023

Hi all,

In the quiz 

I unmark pre/next buttons in each question slide navigation controls. and create my own 2 buttons to control the slides.

In the result slide, I keep Review Quiz button and set only review incorrect questions. However, when I want to review incorrect questions.

1st slide it jumps is the one I want. but if I click NEXT button which I created, it will advance to the correct question which I don't want to see. I'm aware if I use next button in the slide properties I can fix it. But is there any way to go through all incorrect questions and skip correct questions by clicking the NEXT button I created? 

Many thanks!

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Sherry1 Li,

Thanks for reaching out!

You'll want to review the triggers linked to your custom navigation buttons to see if you have their destinations 'hardcoded' into them. An example would be a trigger for the next slide to 'Jump to the next slide when user clicks on Custom Next button'. In this scenario, the trigger will not know when you are in review mode or not, so it will simply just do what its told when clicked on, which is to move the learner to the next slide. 

You'll need a way to tell the 'Jump to slide' trigger to skip certain slides, and one way to do this is to use True/False variables to mark questions that have been correctly answered, and then use trigger conditions to skip slides with variables that have certain values. 

Since this inquiry is design related, there may be better solutions out there. I'll leave this one to the community to see if anyone is willing to share their own solutions on how they addressed a similar design situation. If you're interested in seeing the solution that I shared, feel free to share a copy of your project file here and I'll be glad to make the necessary changes to your file.  



Joe Tansengco

Hello Li,

Thanks for sharing a copy of your project file. I've attached a copy of your edited project file where I implemented the following: 

  • I added true/false variables to your question slides which will help track if the questions were correctly answered or not.
  • I then added triggers that will skip slides that were correctly answered, identifiable by slides that have 'True' values assigned to their variables.
  • The variables will change from false (their default value) to true when the learner selects the correct answer. 

The reason why I chose this solution is because your project makes use of custom navigation, and we needed to add a way for the navigation to know which slides to skip during review mode. The variables take care of this requirement. 

Just a note that this is a very basic solution to your design inquiry, and it can still be improved in many ways. I'll open this discussion up to others in the community so they can chime in with their solutions, and you can choose which one works best for you!