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Jun 20, 2016

I am seeking a tool to improve the review process.  I am testing:

Review MyElearning and ReviewLink

Anyone in the community have experience with either of these tools or others and what has been your experience.

Carole Wald

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Carole -- Thank you for reaching out! And while I cannot speak to having used either of those review tools and would need to defer to your fellow community members to offer their insights and opinions, I did want to share the following resources on the review process that may be of interest. The 

Here is a great Forums’s Compilations: Working with Subject Matter Experts, which offered general topics as well as the following:

Bluetooth SIG

I am late to this - you probably have solved it already - but for other's benefit...I have used and loved ReviewMyElearning. Very easy to use, not expensive, and great for all reviewers to be able to view/validate everyone's comments (eliminating the back and forth that tends to happen). Highly recommend. 

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