Review two different banks of questions with one button

Jun 21, 2016


I have a quiz with two Question banks which show questions randomly.

Originally I had a quiz result slide for each quiz but ideally i want a single Results page which shows the total for both quizzes (Which it does). However I cant seem to get the 'Review results' button working.

If its a Results page for one of the quizzes it works fine. But I need to have a 'Review results' page which shows you the answers for both Question bank 1 and Question bank 2.

Ideally i want to tell Storyline 'review results Quiz 1' then 'review results Quiz 2' but that doesn't obviously work.

In the final course i want to 'hide' the results page for quiz 1 and the results page for quiz 2 and just have one results page showing both totals (which i've done) but also a 'review results' button to show both quizzes.

I think the problem is there are two different Quiz banks so i 'presume' you can only show one set at a time. My colleague did get this working where it would show the ticks/crosses for bank 1 but the second it moved onto bank 2 there were no ticks/crosses when you tried to review it.
In the attachment (Storyline 2) it works seperately with Quiz 1 results or Quiz 2 results but the final slide (Combined) i cant even get the Review quiz button to even work.

Any idea ? The issue is the user takes two sets of questions for the two topics, so on the results page (showing both results) we want to show them the questions for both banks. It would work with a seperate results page for each but like i say ideally we want a single results slide.

If anyone could help that would be appreciated

Many thanks Paul

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Paul Johns

That was quick ! Thanks a lot

So what was the issue ? On the 'Total results' slide i should have simply have set it 'calculate results for selected questions (bank 1 and bank 2) rather than selected results slides ?

Think i had just thought about it differently, e.g. wanted to review both results slide when in actual fact like you pointed out i should have just done it by the two banks instead.

Many thanks !

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