Reviewing slides in a quiz

Aug 21, 2018

For what ever reason when I use my back button to revisit a slide in a question bank I created, I can not change my selection. I am using multiple choice and true/false questions with radio buttons.   We created a separate test course with a short quiz and it works just fine in that one.   I can not see any triggers or anything that would prevent me from changing my answer when revisiting. I have attempts set to unlimited too.   Any help out there on this one?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joe!  Did you go through this process for allowing your question bank answers to be submitted all at once?  That way, you can use the navigation buttons to go through the questions before submitting your answers.

If that isn't working, I'm happy to have a look at your file!  Just attach it here in the discussion, and I'll do some testing.

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