Right to Left prompt for Arabic

Nov 19, 2021

Hello, I have set my player to read right to left but the invalid answer prompt still reads Left to Right. How can I fix this?

Invalid answer

Player settings


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Becca Levan

Apologies for the misunderstanding, QA!

You're right; I see the same thing on my end with the Invalid Answer prompt. I've reported this to our QA team, but currently, I don't have an update to share. I've included this thread in the report so that once we have additional information, we can share it here. 

In the meantime, I tested this in the Classic Player, and the Invalid Answer Text reads Right to Left. If it fits in your design, this is a workaround I'd suggest.

Andrea Borsoi

Dear Jürgen,

Where exactly you find the files "story.html" or/and "index_lms.html" you mention? Inside the SCORM once packaged during <publish>? If so, does this mean that any editing done on the .story file in Storyline360 needs this lines of code added to the new SCORM as part of the post-packaging process? 

Thanks for clarifying, be patient with me as I am not much into programming and normally I Publish, get the SCORM and upload as it is on a LMS. 



Jürgen Schoenemeyer
  • if you publish to web, there is story.html in the publish folder
  • if you publish to scorm, there is story.html and index_lms.html
  • add the 8 extra lines to the html files and save a copy of the files
  • on every publish the files are new created and overwrite the old versions
  • as long as you don't change the storyline version, you can reuse the patches html files

normally you can include such css patches with javascript so that they survive a publish
  -> example

but that's not possible here, because the patch is needed before the slides are started