Rise blocks available in Storyline

Sep 19, 2022

Are Rise blocks (e.g., sort, matching, knowledge check) available in Storyline either as a feature or template? 

Use case 1: After translating my course in Rise, for some blocks (e.g. sorting, scenario), the translated text get's truncated because of character limits. My potential solution is to recreate the block in Storyline, styled exactly like it is in Rise. Then, I'll add the interaction to the Rise course as a Storyline block. For the user, it'll look seamless, just like previous interactions. 

I've done this by manually creating a Sort interaction that looks & behaves mostly like Rise (see attached or click here).

Use case 2: Sometimes I author in Rise, other times in Storyline. I'd like the style to be more consistent between the tools so my users don't see a difference from course to course just because I used a different authoring too. e.g., labelled graphic pop-ups in Rise look more modern while the Markers feature in Storyline doesn't. 

I'm sure I could manually create some or all of the Rise interactions in Storyline, but maybe there are some available already and I just haven't found them.

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John Morgan

Hi Dino,

Being able to use the design elements of the Rise blocks in Storyline sounds like something that could be very useful! Currently, there are no Rise templates that can be used in Storyline. The best way to possibly have this feature added is to submit a feature request. If it makes it into our feature roadmap, this conversation will be updated.

Thanks for reaching out!