Risk Assessment

I am hoping that someone may help me. I am trying to finish off a lesson for risk assessment and i am looking for an activity where learners view an image of a working environment (office, factory or Building site) and can click on the image and then complete a written risk assessment. I have started this but my triggers are all wrong and my images are not copy right free.

time is against me please help.

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Carol Ridlington

Hi David - If paying for an image is not an option can you photograph the setting yourself? Otherwise there are a number of websites you can download or adapt impages from - I use a lot from Clker - you just need to read the T&Cs and quote the source.

I'm not sure how to help you with your triggers - I'd simply add a hotspot or transparent shape to the area they need to click on (make sure it has a different hover state so they know that part of the slide is active) then jump to a scene with the appropriate risk questions in the form of a quiz?

Hope you find something!

Jackie Wentzel