Rollover State "Sticking"

Jan 15, 2013

I have a menu screen with four doors. Clicking one of the door images launches a specific slide (or series of slides). Example: The user clicks "Door 1" and another slide launches. When the user completes the slide, I have a variable that changes to "true." Based on that variable value the "Door 1" image on the menu slide changes to a "checked" state to indicate that the "Door 1" option has been completed.

I also have a rollover state on each of the door images. My problem is that this rollover state is "sticking" if I roll the mouse over the "checked" door. In other words, the rollover image is not going away anymore when I mouse off the image. I have tried to tell the Rollover trigger to NOT display the Rollover state, based on the same variable that triggers the door to display its "checked" state. In the rollover trigger, "Restore on mouse leave" is checked.

I don't want to have the door image changed to the "checked" state just because someone clicks it -- I want them to actually complete the other slides before the associated door is "checked." However, it seems these triggers/states are conflicting and I'm not sure how to fix it!

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