Rounded Score Using Variables No Longer Working with Storyline 360

My team is working through QA after converting our library into Storyline 360 from Storyline 2. All of a sudden the variables we had set up to create a rounded score on the Results slide is no longer working. Nothing has changed, from face-value, to give us any hints as to why we're now seeing two numbers after the decimal as we changed nothing between converting from 2 to 360. Has anyone else run into this issue?

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Yes, I am using a similar method shown in your example from a different discussion. All  the components are present, but when we converted the file from 2 to 360, the rounding no longer worked even though all the same pieces were there. 

I've attached the quiz and results slide so you can take a look.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi AA,

Can you share a bit more about what part is not working? I took your quiz a couple times and saw a rounded score each time. Perhaps I need to fail or pass more questions? Could you let me know if there is a particular score I need to achieve to see the issue?

Also, the rounded score is not something we have built into Storyline currently but I did recently share another discussion about this with my team as a feature idea. I've included your discussion in that request as well.

Lee Inskip

Hi there

I am coming up with the same issue in 360. I have tried both the maths technique and the javascript technique as per the forum discussions and neither are rounding up the scores. I'm not sure if there is an issue because I am using my own quiz review slides so there are additional triggers in the results slide. I have tested both files in SCORM cloud - when I get 1 question wrong the following occurs:

Javascript file: Course shows score of 91.66% - SCORM cloud shows 91.66%

Maths file: Course shows score of 0% (despite getting 9 questions right!) - SCORM cloud shows 91.66%.

Please can you take a look at my story files and see if there is something I can do to ensure that the score is recorded correctly, there are no decimal points and the review of the quiz still works.

I've also attached some screenshots of the incorrect score showing in the course and the correct score showing in SCORM cloud.

Many thanks for your help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alena,

Thanks for sharing those examples here. The Javascript one, is something I'll leave to the community to figure out as I'm not equipped to help out with that. 

I took a look at your math version, and I'm not the best at the math set up - but your variable of Nonroundedscore doesn't have a value associated with it, yet is being divided and multiple by others things and set as the score on the slide based on your triggers to adjust Roundedscore to the value of Nonroundedscore. 

Also, the score is correctly passing to the LMS with the decimal included. Unfortunately there isn't a way to modify what we pass to the LMS, only what is displayed to the user.

Lee Inskip

Hi Ashley

Thanks for looking into this for me. I have changed the trigger at the beginning to read:

Set Nonroundedscore equal to the value of Results.ScorePercent when the timeline starts on 1.14 Results Slide

But I am still getting the same 2 decimal places. 

Any ideas?

I attach the new story file for your information.

Many thanks