Rounding solution does not seem to work in 360

Hey there friends,

I've been trying to round the answer of Menu.SlideNumber/Menu.TotalSlides. The idea is to show the learner what percentage of the course they are at. I was able to produce the calculation, but it contains 2 decimal places.

I tried the solution described in the following thread, as most people point to this Math Solution:

I couldn't get it to work. I tried playing with the numbers you divide and multiply by, but I always seem to end up with 2 decimal places. I tried various JS solutions online and they do not work either. I read a note from someone that the Math Solution does not work when publishing in HTML5. Not sure if that is the issue. I've also read that the Math Solution does not work in Storyline 360. Not sure about that either. 

I have attached the sample file I'm trying to build. The triggers for the rounding are in the Slide Master named "Rounding Master". The calculation is supposed to show beside the progress bar in the lower right, but I also duplicated it on the main screen for easier viewing.


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