SABA: Storyline course will not launch


I have a Storyline module published as SCORM 1.2 and performed the tweaks necessary for SABA (referenced in a Word document floating around the community here).   The client is using SABA v5.5 and is able to import the module into SABA successfully but when he clicks launch, the player opens a new window with the following message:

"Please choose a navigation action"

Has anyone experienced this before?  The rest of the screen is blank.  I tried the same package on ScormCloud and it launches without issue. 

Thanks in advance!

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Kim Sikes

Hi Christine,

Thanks but those links did not offer any assistance.  I've been able to successfully deploy the module in a couple of non-SABA LMS systems internally but for some reason it is not working in the client SABA LMS.  They are setting it up to use the Empty Player Template.  

If there is anyone with SABA experience that could assist, I would appreciate it.

Paul Shorr

Kim did you ever find a solution to the problem above?  I did a proof of concept with a SABA client a month ago using Storyline, publishing for SCORM 1.2 and everything worked fine.  Now we are testing the final course and having the same problem, the window opens up blank, with "Please choose a navigation action" at the top.  All the publishing settings and most of the player settings are the same.  It is Flash only, SCORM 1.2, complete/incomplete based on viewing all slides.