Saltbox Alternative?

Jun 12, 2015

I'm trying to dance the Storyline/WordPress/Grassblade/LearnDash/Saltbox shuffle.  (We need an acronym -- anyone like SWoGLS?)  I'm not convinced Saltbox is the right LRS for this project.  The documentation is scanty and very technical, and I find the interface difficult at best.  All I want is a simple gradebook -- a list of all the xAPI items on my site, showing who took what, and what their scores are.  And I want it all on one page. 

Has anyone found an easier solution?


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Duane Knudsen

Hi Sharon, I understand that GrassBlade is coming out with a cloud version of their LRS within the next few weeks (I received that info from them just this week) . If you are still looking for an inexpensive solution you might contact them again. 

Unless you go open-source (in which case you are pretty much on your own) I find the world of LRSs is a bit whacky today. Most charge by the activity statement on a subscription service. The cost can get quite outlandish. Even though GrassBlade uses the same subscription model for their cloud version they are in a league of their own on pricing, very cheap.

We're getting ready to roll with the on-prem version of their LRS. Getting excited to work with Storyline and other content and capturing activity statements.

Pankaj Agrawal
Sharon Huston

Humera, I haven't tried GrassBlade's RLS.  I need a hosted solution at this stage.  The project isn't large enough to justify involving our sys admin team.


You were one of the major inspirations for us to bring the GrassBlade Cloud LRS. Thanks for telling very clearly that the self hosted solution is not for everyone.


Duane Knudsen

Hi all, just an update. Steve and I have conversed via email and phone but I figured it would be good to add some info on this thread.

We obtained an onsite license for Grassblade LRS last October. We went live in our intranet environment in December. Things have been going very well. Pankaj at Next Software Solutions has been wonderful to work with. We paid the fee to have him remote in and set up the LRS on one of our servers (via WebEx). The system has been very solid, easy to use, and you can filter and save reporting information for easy viewing and exporting. Over that time period I have had several different questions about the LRS and their support system and responsiveness has been absolutely solid. 

We did use Saltbox to develop a custom plug-in for our SharePoint environment. That plug-in is what captures the xAPI statements and sends to the LRS. If you use WordPress you wouldn't have to worry about that, just get the GrassBlade xAPI Companion. 

Overall I am pleased with the solution we put together and I learned a lot about the world of xAPI by working through the implementation and testing with Storyline and other things. There is so much potential here that the biggest problem is trying to limit what is getting captured (no good can come from capturing everything). I would definitely consider the cloud version of GrassBlade LRS if you don't have your own server. I think we performed one system update over the past year and getting the files from Next Software Solutions was easy, and my database support admin had a very easy time with the local update.

One other note: with Storyline quizzing I can get a question by question analysis (something I cannot get with our LMS). Even with open ended questions where the learner types in a response, all of that is captured in the LRS.

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