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I realized a module with a satisfaction questionnaire (I used survey questions: Likert and open answers) and at the end I used a results screen (the pre-configured one from Storyline).

In my client's LMS (360 learning), the results do not come back.

I used scorm cloud which shows me score: 0%, but in the data I find the learner's answers.

How do I set up the LMS monitoring?


Thank you,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Catie!

If you're not seeing the results come back with the learner's response, then I'd look to see if you can pull a report in 360 learning titled Learner's Response or similar.

Since you're seeing the desired behavior in SCORM cloud, then the course is behaving properly. You'll just need to customize the report in your LMS.

If you don't see the reporting options in 360 learning, then I'd recommend reaching out to their support team for guidance!

Katie Riggio

Hello Catie,

Thanks for your update!

I found a similar discussion where Fanny—a fellow community member—noted, "The 360Learning LMS doesn't natively retrieve survey results." 

Feel free to use the Contact Me button on Fanny's profile page to reach out and see if they unlocked the code for this.

It might be helpful to share this other post with your LMS team as well. If they need any more details from our Support Engineers, we're happy to help.