Saving templates

I am a newbie to ID but doing ok. The hard part is working in Parallels as I am a Mac person mucking my way through the Windows environment. My question:

I am trying to download a template from this site, and I don't really know where to save it in order to use it. Where does it go?

Also, if I choose the option to open, it asks me if I want to upgrade, and I already have.  Storyline 2 is completely activated. I am so confused. : (((


Thank you!!!!!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Susan!

Are you using this page here to download? If so, most likely the template you downloaded was created in Storyline version 1. When you go to open the file it will ask you to upgrade the file into Storyline 2 version.

As far as Parallels, I am not familiar with that part of the question, as I work on a PC.

Emily Ruby

Hello Susan!

Anytime you try and open a Storyline 1 file using Storyline 2, you will be prompted to click the Upgrade button.

This is just to confirm that you want to change the Storyline 1 file into a new Storyline 2 file.

Some people have both versions on their computer, and once you upgrade a file to 2, you will no longer be able to open it in Storyline 1. So this prompt pops up automatically. Once you save the file as Storyline 2, it will not give you this prompt any longer.