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Mar 04, 2013

I read about saving the projects to a local drive... but besides that.. My project does not save... I have to save it as a new name every time  to publish the new content.... then it works beautifully

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kara,

I apologize, but I'm a little confused again

With Articulate Online, you'd be uploading your course to the web, it wouldn't be saving the project files on Articulate Online. Now, if you are trying to upload over a course that's already there, it should prompt you with pop-up stating that that file already exists and ask if you want to replace it. 

It'll look like this:

Sometimes, this prompt can show up behind the publish window or Storyline. If this happens, you may need to try using ALT+TAB to move through the windows that are currently open on your machine, or mouse over the Storyline icon on your taskbar (depending on what version of windows you're running). 

If this isn't what's happening, and your course won't actually save to your local hard drive, please let me know.


Kara Leyva

Yes the pop up window is there... I click to over-write the file... Then I publish and launch content.. The content is not updated.. So I save again and over-write again... I launch the content hoping to see the changes made, but instead it is not the last saved updated project... so I just tried to rename the project before publishing it...everything else stays the same... And it worked... all the new changes appeared.. I'm just stating there is some problem there... it could be that Im working of another drive.. but its all good.. for now..

Thank you Christine! I'll probably be talking to you later..

Sorry if my post are confusing.. I am on overload and my brain is processing too much at one time... lol...

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