Scenario with Triggers and Layers

Nov 05, 2019

I have what I thought was a simple scenario created in Storyline 360. I've created 3 text boxes each with an Object Trigger that, when selected, displays a unique layer which includes feedback for the learner. This part works as expected based on a single click. 

The problem I'm having is setting up a variable (or another trigger?) that allows the user to change their selection. 

I've tried several different variables and added additional triggers, none with the results I am expecting. What I have now is :

  • Base layer with 3 text boxes. Each text box, titled A, B, and C has a default state of Normal and another state of Selected. 
  • I have 3 Slide Layers (Answer A, Answer B, Answer C). Each layer includes the corresponding feedback (Layer 'Answer A' includes a text box with only feedback if the learner has clicked text box A, etc)
  • I have triggers for each text box that Change the State of 'Text Box A' if the State of 'Text Box A' is Selected. And another to Show layer 'Answer A' if state of Answer A is selected. 

I've tried setting a True/False variable to default each text box to False and change it to True when Selected, but this did not produce the desired result. 

Any suggestions on what I should try? I've attached a screen shot of my slide and corresponding triggers. I've been researching and working at this for hours - any insight is appreciated!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Esther

first thing I would do is create a button set so that only one Text Box can be in a selected state at any time.

Also the way you have it set up, the feedback layer is triggered to show as soon as the user selects a text box, so there is no chance to change their mind.

You could add a button at the bottom to 'is that your final answer' or 'are you sure' and that will submit the answer and then use that button to validate their selection and show the respective layer.

Also I deleted the triggers to change the state to selected and also removed the condition on the show layer as they are redundant.

See if the attached works as you want.

Esther Eccleston

I really appreciate your help. Can you help me understand; would the button set allow the user to make a different selection if desired?

Say the user chose Answer A, got the feedback, and then decided to choose Answer B (presumably, just to see if this was the "correct" answer, even tho there aren't any right/wrong responses only good/better/best). 

I am going to let my head clear from this and get back to it in the morning. I will download the file you attached and check back afterwards. 

Wendy Farmer
Esther Eccleston

would the button set allow the user to make a different selection if desired?

Not unless you have the validation button before the layer appears.

Alternatively if you want them to get immediate feedback based on what they choose, show the layer and then you can disable the selection they made when they click to close the layer and can then choose something else - does that make sense.  This way you would not need the 'is this your final answer button'.

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