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Aug 08, 2016


How do I change the automatic numbering of scenes? When moving scenes around the numbering does not change. When Publishing to Word, the order of the topics is based on the scene numbers and not according to the Menu order or the actual flow (which makes it impossible to use the Word file without editing it).


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Michele Pietropaolo


The issue I have is the actual numbering.  I create my scenes as I go based on SOPs, I provide a copy via word to the department for sign-off and if they request additional information I add a new scene but the new scene is numbered as the last scene when in fact it should be scene 3 or 4.  I know how to link from scene 2 to scene 10 (say that is the last scene)  and make them appear on the project in the correct order.  The issue is to obtain sign-off I publish to Word for the department manager and SME to give me the final approval to continue with Audio and final adjustment of animation.  I would like my word document to show the scene number and slide numbers in the correct order.  

Varda Cohen Lifshitz

Hi Lauren,

I cannot access the link that you have sent.

However, what worked for me in the past, when I needed to change the scene numbers, was in the Story view, to cut the scene that is out of order, select the scene that should be before it, and then paste the scene that I cut.

I repeated these procedure for all the scenes that I needed to reorganize in the correct order.

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