score by choice vs by question

Sep 06, 2021

New to the software.  In making a freeform question slide, what is the difference between score by choice and score by question?

2. I insert a freeform question. Is there a way to set the correct and incorrect to a custom layer? 




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Judy Nollet

Hi, Steve,

For "pick one" types of questions, the "score by choice" option lets you assign different point values to each response.

For example, the correct answer could be worth 10 points. And a not-correct-but-close answer could be worth 5 points. And so on. You just enter the appropriate amounts in the Points column.

"Score by question" assigns the full value (whatever you want that to be) to the correct answer, and 0 to all incorrect answers.

You can customize the Correct and Incorrect feedback layers as desired. If you want to go to a custom layer instead (e.g., one with shared feedback), just put a trigger on the Correct layer and Incorrect layer that immediately shows the custom layer.