Scored vs. Unscored Quiz Question

Happy Friday Everyone,

Our team is new to Storyline and are currently creating a course that will be published to SCORM and built in our corporate LMS. The course will have 5 "check your knowledge" questions scattered throughout the content, and 5 "exam" questions embedded at the end of the Stroyline course.

We are interested in having the "Check your knowledge" questions not contribute to the course score, and only score the 5 exam questions. We would also like learners to be able to see their score at the end, and have an option to retake the exam questions after re-reviewing the content without ever leaving the course.

As of now I am thinking to set the scores for all correct and incorrect responses to "0" for the check your knowledge questions, and setting the correct responses of the exam questions to "10". Would this work, or is there a better way?

Any info this community can provide will be very helpful


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Pat Welsh

I have the same issue, but with a slight wrinkle. We have several Knowledge Check questions scattered throughout the course and I assigned a value of zero to both right and wrong answers. There is no results slide - I published the course with tracking at the "Slides Viewed" option.  but it doesn't work - the LMS won't recognize the course as being completed after having gone through all the slides, including responding to the knowledge check questions.  Help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pat! Are you able to replicate this issue in SCORM Cloud? This helps us determine if it's the course or your LMS. If you are able to replicate, we would want to take a look. Otherwise, you may need to work directly with your LMS team. We do have an LMS troubleshooting document here if you'd like to take a look as well.

Pat Welsh

I registered at SCORM Cloud, but the course zip file is > 100Mb so I'm unable to upload it. In the interest of time, I'll change the questions in my course to scored and then publish it with a passing grade of 20% (or lower). After I'm able to deliver the course to my users, I can work on figuring out why it won't show as complete with unscored questions.