ScorePoints variable isn't adding up

Dec 06, 2022

I'm trying to use variables to count a user's total ScorePoints and view this on a hidden results slide (so I put the results slide in a separate scene). 

For the main scene, on the first slide I said:

Set Quiz1.ScorePoints to value 0 When the user clicks Rectangle 1

Then in the next slide (on a layer) I said:

Add value 1 to Quiz1.ScorePoints When the user clicks Rectangle 1

I made sure that these triggers come before the "jump to next slide" triggers.

I also noticed that when I click on "Manage project variables" the Quiz1.ScorePoints variable isn't showing up under the Project tab, but presumably this is ok because it's under the Built-In tab? (It does show use count = 12.)

Do you know why the score isn't adding up?

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Walt Hamilton

Go to Manage project variables. Does Quiz1.ScorePoints say its default value is Set Automatically? That means you can't change it. To do what you want, you have to create your own variables.

Also, the learner doesn't see the result slide if there is nothing that navigates to it, so it can go in the same scene.  If you have to create your own variables, you will find it easier not to use a Results slide, but to make your own.