Dec 17, 2015


I am having a problem with the percentage that is being calculated on the reports. I have a total of 5 scenes. I need to have a total of 30. But cannot seem to get the scoring correct.   I have the results slide at the end of scene 5, set to calculate the results for the questions to the entire Project. However I have approximately 10 Freeform text entry questions. I have them set to so there is no scoring on these questions. However they are still being added to percentage. For example I published the project and took the quiz I only had 1 question incorrect. The score that is showing on the report is 88%. Am I missing a step? I have tried using the essay question format and short answer format. I am running into the same problem. I have tried removing these 10 Freeform text entry questions from the results slide. I am then unable to view the quiz takers answer on the report.

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