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Christophe Jacobs

Hello Abhishek,

You can multiply all your weights x 2. This will give you an overall score of 50 points. But you can always present to the user a score on 25. You can do this by not presenting the 'Results.ScorePoints' in the results, but rather create a new variable (I created a numeric variable calles SCORE), give this variable the amount of points scored (1) and use the a trigger (2) to give this variable the points divided by 2.




Michael Palko

Christophe, I'd appreciate it if you could upload a sample of this workaround.  I need to use this solution, but am unable to get any value beside 0 to appear as my "manipulated score."  I set the default value of the manipulated score variable to 0.

What piece am I missing?

My work is attached.


Christophe Jacobs

Hello Michael,

Thank for sharing your work. I immediately could find the bug in your project.

While experimenting with the solution you have created not 1 but 2 results slide. During your development of course the first one was deleted. But Articulate remembers because if you open the list of variables (by clicking  on the variables pane) you will see the following overview of existing variables:

Notice that you see a 'Results.ScorePercent' and a 'Results1.ScorePercent'.

The questions report to the Results1.ScorePercent, so that was the bug in your project. In the first trigger you wanted to set the value equal to Results.ScorePercent and not Results1.ScorePercent.

So just make sure this first trigger is changed and your project should work.

Kind regards,