SCORM Score is Sending Too Early...

Nov 15, 2016

I have a few of courses that each have multiple quizzes in each of the them. The completion of each course is based-on a cumulative score of 75% or greater. Two of my courses work perfectly, but one of my courses sends a completion score to the LMS after each quiz instead of only at the final results page like the other courses. Thus, if a student stops the course after the first quiz, the LMS shows the student's sub-score and completion status instead of "In Progress".

The only difference I can see with the course that doesn't work and the courses that do work is, the course that doesn't work has 6 quizzes and the ones that do work only have 3 quizzes.

Any ideas why this might happen?


The results settings are as follows:

1. Quizzes = Submit Results "1.21 Manufact, when timeline starts.

2. Final Results page = Calculate results for all quizzes

- Combine points from each quiz

- Passing score 75%

3. Publish settings = SCORM 1.2

- Tracking Results Slide 1.22 Results Slide

- Passed/Incomplete


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LuAnn Lodl


As I've done more testing I realize that all of my courses send a score after completing each quiz. The difference is, the one that is broken bases the score off of the single quiz and the other courses give the total percentage. For instance, on the broken one after one quiz I got 100% and the course showed Completed as if I had finished the entire course. It should say I got 16% (12 out of 72) and Incomplete.

Hopefully that makes sense. I just need to figure out how Storyline is calculating the score for the single quiz vs. the cumulative total score for the course.


Alyssa Gomez

Makes total sense, Andre. And based on what you said in your initial post, it sounds like you've got your results slide set up correctly.  Would you be able to share your .story file with our support team here so they can investigate further?  Be sure to share your case number here so I can follow along and relay helpful info in this thread as it becomes available. 

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