Screen Capture & Data Entry Fields in Storyline

Jul 01, 2013


I am building an innteractive software simulation using the screen capture functionality and the view/try modes.

I have a number of data entry fields (which relate to search functions in the software) where users are asked to type in keywords and use the search buttons to invoke the searches, however I cannot work out how to make storyline recognise that the user has finished entering the text so that they can move onto selecting the search button.

I know that you can make storyline recognise that the data entry text has been entered by hitting the return key but as the return key is universally recognised as the functionality to search I don't want (unless I have to) use this as it may be confusing.

Can you help?

Can this be done?

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Helen Tyson

Hi Pam

Attached is a very short screen capture where I've edited the text entry screen of the Try mode:

  • Add a checkbox off screen
  • Edit the Submit Interaction trigger so it fires when the checkbox is 'Selected'
  • Add a Slide Trigger to change the state of the checkbox to Selected when the TextEntry variable equals the required data (case ignored)

Just a little editing of the caption fields & slide titles makes it look better.

Hope this helps you get the effect you want


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