Screen reader for Word publish

We publish Storyline courses to Word in order to send to visually impaired participants. 

However, to my knowledge, screen readers can't read the slides in a Word document because they publish to Word as static images of the slides.

I know that Articulate has recently made upgrades to accessibility. 

What is the best way to produce Storyline projects in a way that's accessible to visually impaired?

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Christopher! This is a great question. Storyline 360 courses should be able to be read by a screen reader without you needing to export them to Word to share that Word file with your learners who may have a visual impairment.

Visual impairments can cover a really wide spectrum, so here are some tips for making your Storyline courses accessible for those with visual impairments! I know there's a lot there so don't hesitate to ask more questions!