Screen Recording - Action Fine Tuning: Mouse disappears

Anyone else having issue with Step-By-Step screen recording editing?  I find in Step-By-Step, View Mode recordings, if I go to Action Fine Tuning, and adjust the start and end frame, everything looks great.  When I save that edit, and preview my screen, the mouse does not appear.  You can see the rollovers and result of the mouse movement, but the mouse does not show up.  I have been working with Articulate on this, but so far no solution.

This is on Windows 7, Storyline 2, latest update, I have tried the repair and reinstall.  I have tried recording my web application using IE (best as uses Windows API most reliably I have been told), Firefox and Chrome.  I have tried other web apps (recording of) as well.  However whenever editing with Action Fine Tuning, looks great in that window, mouse shows.  Save and run, the mouse does not show up.

Thank you.

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Ali Goulet

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay in your thread appearing this morning, it had been originally flagged as spam.

I was able to locate your open case with our support team and it has been sent to our Quality Assurance team for further review.

In the mean time, have you tried adding a mouse cursor in place of the one that is not appearing? This article explains how to add a mouse cursor.

I also found a thread dealing with a similar issue here . You may find that helpful to take a peek at.

Jeff Forrer

Thanks for your note and reply.  I have seen that thread, thank you, and have tried so many things but can't get the mouse to appear.  In that blog and once myself, I was able to get it to appear, but consistently after an edit, it disappears for good.  

In regards to adding a mouse, you can only set one destination for the mouse, you can't go to point a, then point b, then point c (i.e. such as a button, then a menu item etc) on one slide.  You also cannot add more than one mouse to a slide, which would also solve the issue and really help (i.e. such as mouse from 1 - 3 seconds to a button, 3-4 seconds to a field etc on the same slide).

I just can't believe that you cannot record a recording and have it record mouse movement and be editable?  It seems if there is one gesture or click per slide, and you leave it alone, it is ok.  Once you edit fine tuning and try to adjust, the mouse either partially works or disappears altogether.  Assuming this should work, the mouse should not go away on view of the slide?

I can't capture a recording, then go in and do an Edit Fine Tuning and keep the mouse showing.  (Again, it shows just fine in the Edit Fine Tuning window, but does not show when you go to play the slide, it is invisible, but its actions show such as rollovers and typing, no mouse though).  I did a screen share with my client today and they could not believe that it shows in edit, but not in the preview of the screen.  Seems definitely like a bug I would think here, and if that is the case then nothing I can do.  But this seems like there is something missing here as this should be standard out-of-the-box functionality?  I would think everyone would be bringing this issue up, that is why I am wondering if perhaps something is wrong just in my case?  Although I have tried on other machines as well.  

For now, I did find a temporary solution. I record the recording, then put on a single slide vs. step-by-step.  Then I have to copy that slide for as many as I need, then I edit the video and just show the clip on each that I need.  This works, however the quality does not seem as high as it is a video.

I will wait for an update, and appreciate you saving this from spam and for your reply.  I hope we find a solution! 

Thanks for any help or updates!

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Jeff for sharing that workaround here and as Allison mentioned it seems you also are working with our Support team who reported it to QA so they'll keep you posted. 

You shouldn't be flagged as spam again - but we'll keep an eye out no matter what, so if it does happen may just take a bit to unflag as we're checking weekdays, 8-5 EST. 

Melissa Lucas

Yes I am using his suggestion above. Thank you. Hoping there was something new in the program it's self that would allow like copy and past or something.

I do have a question about the trim option in the video editor. I can seem to easily view what the screen will look like when moving the scrub head. What am I missing for doing wrong?

Katie Riggio

So sorry you're facing this issue, Alice. Happy to help!

This discussion is a bit older, so I want to make sure you get the most up-to-date help. 

It looks like this issue is limited to and still open in Storyline 2: Could I grab the version of Storyline you're using? You can find this detail by clicking on the Help tab, then About Storyline

Also, we're happy to have a closer look at your project to troubleshoot. If you're able to share the .story file, please use this private upload link!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Alice. Thanks for this additional insight!

I'm having some trouble recreating the missing mouse behavior in a new Storyline 360, Update 33, file, so I'll need your help:

  • Can you create a Peek 360 screen recording of your steps so I can see first-hand? Also, let me know if you're using a different Step-By-Step recording than View Mode. Happy to retest!
  • Is this happening during preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Is this happening with all Storyline files or a particular one? If a specific one, what happens when you import the slides into a new Storyline project?

We'll work on our next steps from there!