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Adrian Dean

Hi Susan,

There currently isn't a way to import audio into a Screen Recording. It would make a nice feature request though. That said, you can insert a separate audio on the slide with the Screen Recording. The only downside is that it will be hard to synchronize it with the Recording itself.

Always Happy to Help,


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Susan:

Do you need (for like legal reasons or something) to read the script verbatim? Most pros doing software training generally have the opening and beginning lines memorized, but then rely on an outline for the rest. The benefit of outlining is that your vocal delivery will (by force) sound conversational, which is of course what you are going for. Plus, trying to match up your voiceover and on-screen action will be tricky, if done after the fact.

Anyway, just thought I'd plug the benefits of using an outline. --Daniel