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Jun 23, 2012

The Scrolling Parallax effect (thanks for reminding me David...), seems to have become quite trendy recently, so I wanted to try and create something similar in Storyline.

A little rough around the edges, and the (limited) animations make this a little tricky, however, 1-hour of Saturday playtime, and it's possible to make a reasonable approximation.

Have attached .story in case anyone wants to take this concept and run a bit more elegantly with it.


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Gerry Wasiluk

Fun and instructive, Bruce.  Thanks for the example and work.

I may be in the minority but I hope Storyline gets more native multimedia effects over time.  Remember in the beta where I was constantly asking for the Ken Burns-like effects in Storyline.  And the ability to set our own animation rates.

Right now it's a tad painful at times to do things like that.

Bruce Graham

Thanks Gerry - yes, I remember the "Ken-Burns" thread, and agree completely.

This was really an exercise in "If I cannot do it completely, how can I approximate it?", using OOTB functionality.

At the moment, it relied heavily on image duplications, layering etc. and was certainly more work than makes it practical as a full-blown solution (IMHO).

Multimedia, (rightly or wrongly...), is what the media-world is becoming more and more used to, so we need to be able to duplicate that.

With concepts like "TinCan" coming along we do not want "eLearning" to be the poor, visually-impaired cousin.


Gerry Wasiluk

YES, Bruce--you did a great job approximating the functionality.

It might be a small market but I can see academic subjects like history or science (and a lot of others) coming more alive with Storyline with more multimedia effects (of course, appropriately used and not overkill or bling).  Imagine the power being given to educators with Storyline.

And multimedia does not have to be flashy.  As Burns showed, a slow pan or zoom over a photograph, with a little appropriate music or audio effects, can be very powerful in retelling our past and making the learning memorable.  And telling stories.

We go to a lot of National Parks and national monuments and see a lot of multimedia presentations in the Visitor Centers.  Eventually, I'd like to see some created with Storyline . . .

I have one Storyline project that I've been wanting to do on the Civil War.  But Storyline's current multimedia abilities--while a tremendous start--leave me wishing for more so I've begged off for now starting it.  But I'm hoping Articulate feels the same and has ideas down the road for more multimedia capabilities.  I don't want to use a lot of tools to do something.  I want one main tool that can do most of it.

My personal nit--no "show all"/hide all objects on the timeline.   Sometimes a slide is complicated and layers are not practical.  Going back and editing a slide with multiple layered objects, you spend too much time hiding and un-hiding things.

Bruce Graham

The main problem I had here was to simulate the continuity of objects from one slide to the next, so that they appeared and then immediately flew off to the left.

I would have loved an animation that allowed me to "Start at position x and end it at position y with this effect in between".

There may be a much cleverer way to do this effect - I hope someone can come up with it.


Phil Mayor

Really nice Bruce, I think Steve flowers did something like this using keynote and saving as a video.

I really hope that the dev team create something amazing for animations, I really want some great text effects like hinged drop downs, elasticity, flip objects but make it easy to use.

Along with this I would like the ability to jump forward and backward in the timeline with triggers, and for animations to be repeatable within a timeline.

I dont want a powerpoint rehash give me something new.  I think this is the time for Storyline to diverge from ppt instead of copying what is offered there. 

I know there is a big sell on importing ppt, but the last two projects I have used this feature in have been such a nightmare it would have been easier to build it all from scratch

Bruce Graham

@Jill - thanks.

I've been in "processing mode" since posting this to try and figure out a good way, place, time, theme etc. to use this in "corporate" learning.

The other thing that seems to be the case is that it would be completely possible to have branching points built into it. You could build custom buttons, for example, one at the right-hand side, and one at the bottom that led off to branches, and changes in animation direction.

May try building that one out - could be fun, may need to have anti-seasick/nausea drugs available, which was always the problem with "" IMHO.


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