Seamless transition between question banks and the use of review button

Aug 24, 2021

Greetings everyone! I have question about the use of seamless transition between question bank/quizzes and how this effects the review slide. I will try to summaries underneath what my team and I want to accomplish, what we have tried out and what we are struggling with.

First off, by seamless I mean an undetected transition for the learner between slides. In this case, a seamless transition between questions in the question bank. We are aware of the Transition tab in SL, but we feel this doesn’t provide the desire effect that we want, and we have no way control each individual object on a slide.

So far, we have only found the use of exit and enter animation as a close candidate to achieve seamless transitions and to be able to have total freedom over each objects in a slide. We have been trying out two methods. The first is the use of enter animation on the base layer and exit on an upper layer, but some issues with the use of Drag & Drop question. The second method we have tried out, is the use of pause timeline, jump to and resume timeline triggers. We have found the second method to the best of the two.

Now for the tricky part. We have a client that wants their learners to be able to review their quiz from the result slide. We are using the build-in result slide provided by SL and the scoring works perfectly. But when a learner clicks on the review button, we get some issues if we are using the two methods for seamless transitions mention above. Most of the times the review slides get stuck on the first page and unable to use the next button to get to the next review slide. We believe this might be the issue with Pause Timeline after the enter animation is complete. Also the Jump To Slide trigger might be the culprit. So far by using this last method, we do achieve perfect seamless transitions, but without the option to use review button and slides.

We are reaching out to the community to see if there are any who maybe can help us out with problem and might have a solution so we can have a seamless transition when using the question bank and review button.

I have attached an example from our project with the question bank and a template result slide. The last method with pause, jump to and resume is used in this example.

You can also try out the question bank and result slide here at this review link:

Thank you so much for your attention :)

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