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Feb 26, 2013

I am trying to think of a way that I could build in a search function on the main menu for my course, that would search all 8 of the modules that will make up my course? So can anyone think of a way for this to work. I had thought of combining all of the modules, but I do not think this would work, since it would be a larger than 1.5 gb storyline file (each storyline file is about 250 mb and they already have trouble saving with 12gb of ram). Any help or suggestions would be great.


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Steve Flowers

That's a tough one, Jeff. This is a workaround but could work for you.

1) Add a slide to each module that references the other modules ("The content you searched for is in Module X")

2) On each of these slides, place the text / keywords you want to return for the search into the notes field. There could be a limit to the amount of text you can enter, you might get away with copy / pasting your entire script into the field.

If you're not using an LMS, you could link to the other module with some instructions to search that module from the "reference slide".

Jeff Sale

We will be using a "sort of" LMS, we will be using a version of Adobe Connect because our client requires this. So you are saying to use a slide in each module, that contains all of the keywords of all the modules? I am trying to imagine how I could implement this. I like the idea, I will just have to take the time to find the keywords for each module. THank you Steve, so much for your fast response!

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