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Dec 04, 2023

I was thinking of different ways to use Storyline and I was wondering if it was possible to create a search engine within storyline where it will search for key words on an outside website? I am not sure how this work exactly. Looking at related articles, I see people using Java, but I also see it is to search for content within the project itself. I have zero experience with Java.

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Sam Hill

Hi Kevin, how would this integrate with your Storyline module? Understanding how you would like to use this within the context of a Storyline module might help me provide possible solutions.

It's outside of the capabilities of Storyline other than it's own search engine for searching content within the module via the player.

It would be possible to do this, but I would recommend using JavaScript as you would most likely be able to use an API provided by google, where a search term can be sent to the API and the results received as a data file, and then parsed and displayed within a WebObject in Storyline. As you can sense from this explanation, it's a programmer job.

John Cooper

Hi Kevin

You might want to check out Discover eLearning's website:

Discover eLearning Ltd | Award Winning Digital Learning (

Chris Hodgson is a regular contributor here and has been doing some great work looking into integrating ChatGPT into Storyline. I haven't taken it - but I know they offer a reasonably-priced training course on how to use the ChatGPT API in Storyline.

I'm guessing with Google launching their new AI ChatGPT competitor Gemini this month, things in this space will be hotting up.

Please post back here if you have success in this area.