Search if this forum not working?

Nov 01, 2013

No matter what term I search for in these forums, I always get the message "No items matching your search were found."

Does anyone else experience this?

I'm using Firefox on Windows 7.

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Content Dev

Thanks Harri.

It's a shame that such a useful feature does not work. I'm sure it would prevent a lot of duplicate posts if people could easily use the search for the problem they're having. 

Also the error message is misleading. If the search isn't working, it should warn the user about it instead of giving the impression that the forum is void of information.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Harri for sharing that here. 

Kallidus, the search feature is something that our web team is aware of and looking in to. I'll also share, that I use the Google method described by Adrian for my searching, as I also like that I can quickly see which pages I've been to before, and how recently to help me narrow down what I'm looking for. 

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