Seeing the question bank in the storyview + adding result slide

May 12, 2014

Hi everybody

I'm creating a module including a 20 questions quiz. My problem is that

- The question bank (I created it from existing quiz slides from other modules) does not appear in the storyview (not a big deal in itself). The only way to see it is to use the button "Question bank" in the Home ribbon.

- I can't add a result slide with the score of the question bank.

When I try to add the result slide, I have no way to choose the question bank as the source of the result.

In the field "calculate results from...", the question bank does not appear in the dropdown list.

I found an example here(, I looked at the attached story file (same structure as my course), and I can see the question bank in the storyview, the result slides calculate from question bank....

How can I do the same ?

Thanks in advance

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Antony Snow

Hi Genia,

In order to use the question bank in your project, you will need to insert a 'draw from question bank' slide for each of your question banks:

  • Click on Insert and then New Slide
  • Select the 'Draw From Bank' tab at the top of the 'Insert Slides' window

Once you have inserted a 'draw from question bank' slide, you will see it in storyview and will be able to select it as the source when adding a results slide.

I hope this helps,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Genia,

It looks like Antony has you covered here - and just to help, there is another tutorial here on how to insert and use question banks. 

You also won't be able to add the results slide to the question bank itself, but will add it as a new slide and can choose which questions or question banks it should be scoring. 

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