Seekbar "Replay" symbol...


Are there any situations where the "Replay" symbol would not work, (apart of course from when you have disabled the Seekbar...)?

I just had some scenes where it did not function when Seekbar enabled, and seems that I made it work by altering the "When Revisiting > Reset to Initial State" - but I do not think that should really affect anything!

Any ideas?


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Steve Gannon


I believe it is by design that replay only works when the slide is set to Reset to Initial State. I agree with you that is overly restrictive. It would be nice to have a checkbox to let us decide when replay should be limited like that and when it should not. At the very least, when Reset to Initial State is not used, the replay button should disappear or be dimmed.

Bruce Graham

Thanks Steve.

Just all seems odd.

I have a slide, it has just 1 x textbox, so there's nothing to "Reset" as such, yet because it is set to Automatic mode, I do not have the option to replay it.

I would have thought that if we had an "Automatically Decide" option, at least it could sense there was nothing going on anyway and let me replay!.

Thanks again.


Matthias Dickmann

Is there any other way instead of setting the slides to "reset when revisiting" to achieve a replay functionality using the seekbar? I don't want  the learner to see all slides from the start when they revisit a slide by simply clicking the "back"-button.

If not - is it possible to remove the button from the seekbar?