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Phil Mayor

Hi Beth

Thanks for sharing.

On the first slide, I would add the submit to the next button it seems a bit strange to add it to an image.  Especially as the image does nothing on other images.

I would always move away from the default settings, especially on templates just to differentiate your work from others.

Some of your layers with audio overlap the audio on the base layer, this happens if I click the buttons before the audio on the base layer has ended, you should be able to set the layer to pause the base layer and stop this.

The menu is a little confusing as I cannot really use it to go backwards, not sure why but I felt a bit lost whilstdoing this.

I think you could layout the images a bit better, when using documents it may help to put a dropshadow on the, I think the mail screenshot goes of screen.

Overall it is good and I learnt something, I would try and maintain some consistency in what buttons look like, same speech balloons, the same fonts.  Thanks for sharing


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