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Wendy Farmer

Without seeing how your file is setup for playing the audio files...

  • You could create a T/F variable called 'voice'
  • Set trigger: Adjust variable 'voice' to true when user clicks Male button (or whatever action you have to select which should be playing)
  • Set trigger : Play Male audio when timeline starts on condition voice=True
  • Set trigger: Play Female audio when timeline starts on condition voice not = True

You should be able to add the triggers to the slide master and then apply those layouts. If master slide doesn't work just copy paste the triggers to each slide or create the first slide with triggers then duplicate.

Digital Latam

Hi, we haven't been able to make the Voice selection Works, so we have a question:

We have already created the variable "FemaleAudio" True or False with a "Default Value - True" to select between Male and Female Voice, and created the triggers on the Voice selections page:

- Set "FemaleAudio" "True" when user clicks on Female Image

-Set "FemaleAudio" False when user clicks on Male Image

Then the instruction is that we have to set a Trigger on each slide:

-Play "Male Audio" when timeline starts if "AudioFemale" is False
-Play "Female Audio" when timeline starts if "AudioFemale" is True

And this should work well if we had only one male or female audio on each slide, but the problem we are confronting is that we don't have only one audio, we have several audios working with buttons Audio On/Off, and each button should trigger Male or Female depending on what we have selected on the Voice Selection Page... So we have créate a Trigger with conditions on each button:

- Play "Audio Male" when user clicks on "play button" if "AudioFemale" is False

-Play "Audio Female" when user clicks on "play button" if AudioFemale is True

But this is not working it is only playing the Female Audios becuase we have set the ¨FemaleAudio" Variable as True.

So... Is this posible? How can we make this work?
Should we create an other variable for each slide that Works depending on the "FemaleAudio T/F"  and changes the state of each audio file when the user clicks on the buttons?


Thanks a lot!!

Digital Latam

Hello again!
And this is the link to the storyfile, it is only a part of the entire course, the full course is to heavy becuase, as you can see in the review file, it has several videos and audio files. https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/select-one-two-different-audios-male-female-one-the-same-presentation
The main language is German, but you will se 4 scenes, the starting scene where we have the "Continue/New Start Selection" and a "Are you sure? page, then the "Voice Male/Female Selection", where the variables are set up, and the "Main Menu with the chapters where you can see the buttons that lead us to the Excercises and the Videos"
There are three more scenes, one is just an excercise with three levels (Easy, Medium, Dificult), the other one are some videos and an excercises with its levels, and the other one is an A/B selection sequence. On this scenes the variables are set up in some of the audios, and also for the male/female avatars that are two images. Neither of this are working, and I've been trying with different set ups. I don't know what else can I do.

Here it is the review file so you can try and see how it should work https://360.articulate.com/review/content/8517cbff-692f-4b30-b1fc-2cc0fa61593d/review
The instructions  to the one part that should be working with the voice set up are:
-Male/Female Voice selection

And then:
     -Laden (Chapter2)
     -Üung 7
     - Weiter Button
     - Select one of the options on the rectangle of the multiple choice (this audios should play          automatically when selected, and should play male or female)

     -Feierabend (Chapter5)
     -Answer phone button
     -Select A/B (This should play one female/male audio)

Hope I have explained myself in a way you can understand the course and help us because we are running out of time and this issue we can not solve.

Thank you very much!!

Wendy Farmer

I thought the first link in your post above would be to your storyfile but it's to this post.

Can you just strip out one or two of the slides that shows the issue. If you can't post it here you might need to log a support ticket and get Articulate to take a look at it.

Is the each audio on it's own layer or is it all on the base layer?


Digital Latam

Hello again!
I'm attaching some screenshots, the first one is the voice selection page, the second one is a screenshot from one of the excercises that have several audio, this is a multiple choice excercise, when we select one of the options should play one audio, male or female depending on the selection; and an avatar male/female that should change as well with the Voice selection.
The last one is a video where the user can select one of two options, this options have an auido that should be male/female voice depending on previous selection.

Digital Latam

Hello, Good morning!

I'm wondering if you have been able to check our file, we still cannot find a solution for this problema, we have already made some testing with a new file and the selection Works fine, we don't know why in the course it is not working. Could it be a programming issue?

Best Regards!

Wendy Farmer

Ok I'm in the first scene

Trigger order is very important - you are jumping to next slide before you are setting the variables for the voice selection so the 'choose audio' triggers are never executed - change these and see if things start working as expected.  You will need to check all the slides where you are adjusting the variables to make sure they are uppermost in trigger panel before leaving the slide.