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Feb 22, 2013


At the end of the project, I want my user to contact me for any additional information or clarifications about the course. 

For this, I added a button named Send Email with a trigger to send email to my mail ID. When the user clicks this button, the user's default email client should launch with my mail ID in the To field.

However, it is not working. When I publish and click the Send Email button, nothing happens.

Where am I going wrong?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sreekanth!

When adding an email trigger to your Storyline course, be aware that there are certain requirements that must be met by each user’s computer for the trigger to function properly:

  • The user must have an email client installed (for example, Microsoft Outlook), and they must have an account configured in the program.
  • The email client program must allow JavaScripts and HTML submits. Some programs, like Lotus Notes and Groupwise, do not allow these features.  Therefore, they will not work.

Tighter security restrictions in modern web browsers, operating systems, and anti-virus programs can also interfere with this process. We recommend testing your content in its final environment to determine if the email trigger will work for your users.

If the trigger isn't working after you've published, please try uploading your course to a web server or LMS for testing. 

If you view published Storyline content on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.
To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published. Please review the following article for details:
Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Gina,

The issue that you're describing was reporting a while back - you can see the original thread here

This is something that I've reported to our Quality Assurance team and that we're currently working to resolve. 

Are you using Google Chrome when this happens? From our reports, this seems to mainly affect this web browser. For now, it might be best to try using a different browser for your project, just to be sure that users aren't running into this issue when they try to use the email option in the course. 

If, however, you're using a different web browser and experiencing this issue, please let me know. The more information we have on this, the sooner we can work towards a fix for the issue.

Thanks very much!

Peter A

Peter Abdelmessih said:

I'm having the same issue. I created a button with a trigger to send an email. When you publish and click the button the course closes. I've tried using JS but it opens a new blank page before it opens Outlook to send the message. That page stays open and the learner must close it manually.

Can anyone assist.



Resolved, please ignore. Was calling the wrong URL to start the course. Index_LMS.html should be called not story.html

Tonya Thomas

I ran into this same problem. I, too, work for a company that maintains a homogenous Outlook/Exchange environment.

Instead of using the Send Email trigger, I instead used the File/URL trigger and input the typical web code for an emai link --

mailto: and this worked fine for me. Opened an Outlook email pre-addressed to the desired email address, ready to write.

Hope that helps you.

Dennis Hall

Hi All:

Attached, is a Contact Form for Storyline. This form will create a well formatted email.

The only thing you need to do to use this is to import it into your story and follow the instruction on the left.

The instruction tells you to change the MyEmail Global variable default text. Once that change is made, save, publish test.

When the learner completes teh Contact Us form and clicks the Send Email button, a new email message will open in their default email client.

No technical skills required.

The Message Recipient, Subject, Question, and Question Details will be nicely formated and ready to send to the email address you entered into the Global Variable default text field.

Please provide me feedback on this form and let me know if there are any other form types you may want created. I do like getting creative with Storyline.

If you like this form, add me as a Friend. Every now and then, I advertise some neet little templates and interesting story functions I've made to those people in yy Friends page. You cna also request I create something specific for you - as long as you do not mind it be shared in teh community as well.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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