Sending emails

Jul 26, 2012

Hi all

we all know

Launch new email message

var email="";
var subject="subject line";
var body_start="How you want to begin your body.";
var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+body_start;,'emailWin');

This is a version of a dynamically made email body

Launch new dynamic email message

var player = GetPlayer();
var email=player.GetVar("email");
var subject="Your Subject";
var body_start=player.GetVar("notes");
var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+escape(body_start);,'emailWin');

* be aware, that the variables email & notes need to be defined in your project

** if you do not escape your body text, the all will be glued together

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mohammad and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure that Geert is still subscribed here, but I do know it is still an active user here in the forums.

You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

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