Sending final score to LMS

Feb 07, 2023


     I have built a storyline project assessment which is a simulation where learner's need to select the correct option, from multiple, on each screen. Due to the nature of the scoring I have had to set up my own variables. As can be seen in the attached. To get the final percentage I have created a number of variables. However, clumsy it looks it works and gives me the correct score each time. I am now trying to send the Percentage variable to our LMS (Moodle) in scorm 1.2 format. I tried using a numeral survey slide, which worked in Storyline; however, did not alter the score in the LMS. I then tried to use JavaScript to send the variable which still doesn't work. 

Can anyone advise me on what I might be doing wrong. I have attached a screenshot of my triggers and JavaScript.  Any help would be appreciated. I am on a real time crunch and need the LMS to record the results of assessment tasks accurately. 

Thanks Karen

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