Sending variables via url in a trigger?

Hello, is it possible to send variables via a url in a trigger? For example, if the trigger calls url:"+rawID+"&office="+Office+"&field="+Field+"&drive="+Drive

Is there a way for Storyline to recognize it should send the value of the variable rawID etc?

Thank you.

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Karessa Torgerson

Breadcrumbs - this code works:


//Ask for the Articulate player
var player1 = GetPlayer();

var urlID = player1.GetVar("rawID");
var urlOffice = player1.GetVar("Office");
var urlField = player1.GetVar("Field");
var urlDrive = player1.GetVar("Drive");

var passURL = ""+urlID+"&office="+urlOffice+"&field="+urlField+"&drive="+urlDrive;,"_blank");