Sequence Drag and Drop

Sep 06, 2023

Hi All,

I need to create a Drag and Drop function with sequence mode, which i need to start with 1, when i placed the 1 in target place, its need to reveal another drop image,

so, i will drag 2nd image on newly created drop target place.

but also, i need access to drag other images Aswell its only want drag function.

here i attached the image file here.

Thanks in Advance.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Bala,

Happy to help!

You can start by setting the states of images that you want to be hidden to 'Hidden' in order to hide them from view when the slide loads. Next, you can setup a chain of triggers that will reveal the images one at a time when objects are dropped on a specific target. Here's an example: 

I've attached a simple project file so you can see all of these in action. 

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