Sequence drag/drop shapes and numbers randomly changing size and spacing

May 11, 2023

I've a sequence drag and drop built and the text boxes and numbers randomly change size and spacing changes when doing the activity. I tried adjusting text margins, spacing, auto/don't autofit with no difference. Then I built one from scratch and it does the same thing. Is this a glitch or a feature - (can't honestly think how it would be useful...)?

The fresh build is here and the story file attached. A screenshot of the base layer with the custom feedback layer is below. I need a certain amount of space for the fb so not being able to judge whether the text boxes will be spread apart or not is a pain. But more than that, the learners would probably see it as a signal that something is correct/incorrect - except it's totally random and meaningless.

Any ideas or help sorting this out would be appreciated!

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Tyler Bradbury

I looked at your file, and the Try Again and Continue buttons are just a case of a few of the states being a different size. But I don't know how to look at the numbers in the sequence drag and drop. I even tried doing it on a brand new file, and the same problem appeared. It's probably a glitch. Definitely associated with placing the first correct answer.