Set slides with embedded videos to disable next button until video is complete.

Jun 20, 2019

Figures I'd share this solution for those who run across this issue in the future. I was able to find solutions from two other posts but I thought it would be nice to add this post as well.

If you have a Storyline course with embedded videos that you want to force the learner to view an entire video before advancing, but you also want to allow the viewer to not be forced to view the video again if they return to the slide, below are the steps I used.

1. Create a variable (true/false) with default value of false. Name it with the slide number. In this example, Slide09Complete

2. Create Adjust Variable trigger of variable you just created. Operator: = Assignment; Value: True; When: Media Completes; Object: Slide09Complete.

3. Add/Update Jump to next slide trigger with On Condition: Slide09Complete == Equal to true.

4. Add trigger: Change state of Next button to Disabled when timeline starts with Condition: If project slide views is equal to or less than the current slide's number. (This will allow the next button to be disabled the first visit, then enabled every other visit.)

5. Add trigger: Change state of next button to Normal when Slide09Complete for slide changes If the Slide09Complete is equal to true. (This allows the button to go from disabled and ghosted to full color and clickable.)

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