Set up of Numeric Variables & Warning Layer

I am working on a training module which will be assigned to every new hire (within an 8month period) in the company, but I want only those employees who have been with the company fewer than 2 months to get this training.  In order to achieve this goal, I set the numeric variables and created a page for employees to enter the length of their tenure.  If they enter a number less than or equal to 2, they will be directed to the beginning of the training and if they enter number greater than or equal to 3, they will be directed to the last page of the training.  I don’t have any issues setting this up but I do have an issue of setting up a warning layer.  The warning layer is for those who do not enter any numbers (the tenure section is set up to show “0” right now) and click the “Next” button.  Currently, if learners skip this section and click the “next” button, they will be directed to the beginning of the training.  When learners skip this section (not entering the number of months they have been with the company) and click on the “Next” button, I want to show the warning page so they are forced to make an entry.  Does anyone know how to set this up so the warning page will show up when the user skips this step and clicks the “Next” button?  I have attached the screen shot of the page I am working on.

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WiSeon Salisbury

I have tried that as well and it directed me to the beginning of the training not to the warning page when I clicked "Next" button.  In the text variables, there is a setting for the variable when it is equal to blank then to the warning page.  I didn't see that option in the numeric variable setting.

WiSeon Salisbury

I realized that there is no setting for a numeric variable to be blank.    The problem I see is that even though I set the variable equal to zero, it doesn't recognize it as zero when a user doens't enter any value.  If you can tell me how I set it to show the warning page, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.

WiSeon Salisbury

Thank you for the example.  I mimicked the setting that you had but mine still didn't work.  :-(  Let me repeat the way I set up my variables.

Jump to 1.4 Scope When the user clicks If NumberofMonth is Less than or equal to 2.00

Jump to 1.3 Notice Slide When the user clicks If NumberofMonth is Greater than or equal to 3.00

Show layer Warning When the user clicks If NumberofMonth is eqaul to 0.00

I am not sure what I did wrong that it didn't work for me.

WiSeon Salisbury

Annie - thanks for the info.  I moved up my Warning trigger as you suggested but it still didn't show the Warning layer and directed me to the beginning of the training.  I may have to start over again to see if this makes a difference.

Gerry - that will make it too easy, don't you think?    I will redesign it and see what works the best.  Thanks for the tip.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

I enjoyed puzzling this out. I think, after seeing Phil's story (thanks, Phil), I'm able to achieve what you were originally looking for WiSeon. Not to say, Gerry, that simplifying isn't the best route. Just that it had me intrigued - so that I had to poke at it a bit more when I should be working!

I've attached the story, and by the way, the hand icon on the warning layer came from Steve Flowers, but I can no longer find where he posted it. Can you let us know, Steve?

  1. So, I used a "warning" layer and did as Phil suggested: show warning layer when user clicks next if "tenure" (the variable I created) = 0.
  2. Then, I placed a shape outside the stage and created a visited state for it.
  3. New trigger: change the state of the shape to visited when the user clicks the next button and Tenure is greater than 0.
  4. New trigger: Jump to Beginning (i.e., Beginning of Training) when the user clicks the next button if:
     - Triangle's state equals visited and
     - Tenure is less than or equal to 2
  5. New trigger: Jump to End (i.e., End of Training) when the user clicks the next button if:
     - Triangle's state equals visited and
     - Tenure is equal to or greater than 3

Sorry for the long file name. I try to use names (for myself) that indicate what the issue was so that, on days when my brain is mush and I need a solution, I can go back and find it via the file name.

Back to work!

WiSeon Salisbury

Rebecca - You are a life saver.  You solved the mystery.  I am wondering though, why you had created a triangle and set the status as visited.  I have followed the exact steps you took and it worked but when I skipped the triangle part (step 2), it didn't work.  I am wondering why that is.  Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to tackle this and help me out.  Many thanks go to Phil, Annie, and Gerry as well. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi WiSeon,

Sorry for the delay in getting back here. I was on vaca and it's taking me a while to catch up with everything. This was a bit buried in my messages.

So, I'll try to explain why it works, but I'm not sure how clear my explanation is. If anyone else wants to jump in and simplify or clarify, I'm open!

So there's this trigger: "Change the state of triangle 1 to visited when user clicks Next IF Tenure is greater than 0"

  • This forces Storyline to "know" that something MUST be entered in the "tenure box", and it MUST be something greater than 0.
  • Therefore, if the "Tenure box" doesn't have anything in it (i.e., if the Learner skips it and doesn't fill it out), or if what's in it is 0, SL will go to the Warning layer
  • And I set up a shape offstage, because I didn't know of any other way to do this

Without the trigger, Storyline doesn't understand that the Learner hasn't entered something in the "Tenure box". Because, as you and Phil discussed, unlike with a Text variable, there's no way to signify that. Hmm. I wonder if that should be a feature request.

Because the problem would be if you actually DID want someone to be able to enter 0, and you still wanted to be sure they entered something, even it if WAS 0. I wonder what that situation might be. Anyone?

In your case, they might actually have worked less than 1 month, but you could always change your parameters to be weeks or days, so there would always be a number greater than 0.

Oh, I guess another way around that would have been to actually create a text variable and instead of having Learners type in numbers they could type in text: one, two, etc. Maybe you can even do that with a text variable. I should check it out!