Setting additional variables for Progress Tracker template

Feb 04, 2014

I'm been trying to utilize the Progress Tracker Storyline template from community user Nicole Legault, and I've added additional lessons, but I can't get the check boxes to consistently appear for each of the additional lessons once they have been visited. I love the template, and think it's a great option for not using a menu bar, but I can't seem to get what variable and/or triggers I'm missing. Please help.

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Jeff Sale

After you create all of your new variables *mentioned above* you will need to create slide triggers for the slides. This is your slide triggers for the slides that the main menu links to, you need to copy and paste this to the other slides and adjust accordingly for the appropriate variables. 

This is one of the slide triggers on your main menu, you need to copy this trigger to your other menu buttons, and adjust the specifics to check the status of the appropriate variable. 

Paul Curry

Michael, Thank you, that's exactly what I was wanting it to do. I'll reverse engineer it to see what I was missing. Thanks, Nicole. I'll check out your screencast as well. Now I just need to figure out how to make answering each of the questions on the Exercise slides a requirement before clicking the submit button. Huge help everybody! Great forum.

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