Setting state dependant of variable

Nov 08, 2018

Okay, so i'm fairly new to Storyline, i'm a programmer and i'm on an educational project. So far so good, I like the app, but is it me or the variable system is not working pretty well ? I need to create a button that you can enable/disable and will keep it state during all the slides. So I created a variable and a button. On my button I created two state, on and off, and on my trigger I set theses states when you click on the button with a condition that the variable is not already on that state. It work one time, the second time it's not working at all. I created a simple example with an sounds variable and a volume button. I'll share it with you so someone can see what's going on here. 

Thank you!

P.S. I know there is already a sound button built-in. that's for a POC. 

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